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For the freelancer: how do you make your account in "IndWork" unique?

Jun 05,2018

All the active freelancers know that one of the biggest challenges for the freelancer is how to build a stable customer base to receive the requests regularly, therefore keeping a stable rate of income … and because "IndWork" is mainly made for Increasing the opportunities of the freelancer and the employer, the mechanism of working on the website is designed in a way that provides many techniques which enable the user to market for himself as required. Then he will be able to reach his targets faster. In this blog, we briefly explain marketing techniques for the self growth through "IndWork".

1. Register in the suitable level of membership

Levels of membership in "IndWork" are different as each level offers a variety of services and privileges to suit the different needs and capabilities of users. The higher the level of membership, the greater the privileges, whether in the capacity of the list of works to receive more requests, or the free control of the account appearance on the site, or increasing the rate of withdrawals and deposits in the account balance on the site. So make sure you always upgrade your account to get more privileges.

2. Make sure of clarity and accuracy of data to get the appropriate proposals and nominations

one of “IndWork” mechanisms to help all its clients is the filtering process or the proposals that are sent regularly to the account's mail. These suggestions are mainly based on the account data that the user adds about himself. Therefore, if the data is inaccurate, unclear or incomplete, proposals will come at the same degree of inaccuracy and suitability to your needs and real potential, so always improve the accuracy of your data to get more accurate and appropriate nominations and proposals.

3. Build a good reputation for yourself from customers' ratings:

Your real balance isn’t in the amount of money that is in your account in "IndWork", but in the number of the high rates which you got from the customers in the website … High rates Improve your chances of appearing at the top of search lists, also improve your chances to be proposed to more customers. More importantly, they give you a direct advantage for entrepreneurs, you'll always find them prefer to deal with you even more than who own an impressive profile and high levels , The employer looking primarily for respectful, friendly treatment and trusted relation before searching for the high proficiency and perfection.

4. Keep the high account activity rate:

Make sure that your account activity rates are constant. Distribute your works to the extent that keeps your activity, because the website mechanism reduces the chance of inactivated or disruptive accounts and improves the chances of active and effective accounts. In addition, entrepreneurs prefer to deal with active account holders whose list contains a lot of achieved works, because that gives them a direct indication that the account holder is a trustworthy person, so keeping your account active is an important factor to market yourself better.

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